If you have a CAD Application in

C, Visual Basic, Pyhton or Delphi

without a STEP-Interface

then you can easily integrate 

a STEP-2-Mesh-Interface with 

our STEP-Loader. 

Make your software more efficient!

1 License Price 69 € per year
5 License Price 299 € per year
10 License Price 599 € per year


With this Source-Code you can start the STEP-Loader from your Application:

Sub start_steploader()
        If Dir("steploader.exe") <> "" Then
            MsgBox("STEP-Loader is not installed!")
            Exit Sub
        End If

        Dim cad_input_file As String = datei_name
        Dim cad_output_file As String = "cad.mup"

         With proc.StartInfo
                .FileName = "steploader.exe"
                .UseShellExecute = True
                .Verb = "open"
                .Arguments = cad_input_file + " " + cad_output_file
                .WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
            End With


' Step-Loader.exe has converted the STEP-File and was closed 
        If proc.WaitForExit(1000000000) Then
            datei_name = cad_output_file
 ' now load the MUP-, STL or OBJ-File in your App
            Call einladen()
            Call Form1.gesamtansicht_view()
        End If 

End Sub